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Jan 11 2021

Credit karma mailing address

Credit karma mailing address

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Credit karma mailing address


Credit karma mailing address



our company

Credit-Aid Software
10866 Washington Blvd. #447
Culver City, CA 90232

The following are transcripts of our v >Wondering about Credit Repair Business Software how to start a credit repair business? Are you a mortgage broker or realtor? Introducing all-new Credit-Aid Pro Business Suite. Credit-Aid Pro is the number one credit repair business software in America. The power and speed of its credit dispute letter automation makes credit repair as fast and easy as clicking your mouse. Credit-Aid Pro is also a complete turnkey business with everything you need to make an unlimited profit in credit repair. It Includes: All the contracts and documents you need to start your business. Marketing Materials to promote your business. An instant website. Expert instruction to launch, market and run your business. A live training session with one of our experts. A CRM Client Management System with built in Accounting, invoicing and reminders. And the ability to display up to the minute status and send reports to your clients. We can also supply you with your own client portal for your clients to log in and track your progress. If you want to start a credit repair business, this turnkey credit repair business software has everything you need to make an unlimited profit in credit repair. At the core of this product is the world’s most advanced credit repair software, used by more mortgage and credit professionals than any other credit repair business software. It saves you time, generates revenue immediately, has no recurring fees, and it makes starting a lucrative credit repair business…as easy as clicking your mouse. All this with no recurring fees. Compare with Credit CRM and Dispute Suite. Want to see more? Just click on the link that says “5 minute guided tour. For more information call us at 1-800-944-1838 for a free consultation!

Let’s go on a tour of Credit-Aid Pro to show you the speed and power of this great tool! The first thing you’ll see is a simple, easy to understand interface. Each time you add a new client, click here to create a new client profile. But for the sake of this tour we will use “Sample Client.” We just click on the name to log in. Our first screen is the client detail page. It shows status and detail of our client. Here we have The Client’s basic information: Name, Number, we email him by clicking here, we can edit his profile, and we can see if he is active or inactive, and we can see what affiliate referred him to us. Here we can track changes to his Credit scores. This panel lists the important paperwork to give each new client, as well as a button to download your bonus materials, which are documents, guides, marketing tools and a web site template. We pack a lot in there. The value of the bonus materials alone is worth over a thousand dollars. Status panel tells us: how many items we’ve disputed, how many we’ve removed….and how many letters we’ve sent. We can also see all the letters we’ve saved, we can set reminders, notes, and we can even create a report to send to our client.

Invoice panel is where we keep all the accounting tools. Here we can create an invoice with a few clicks and send it to a client. It also reminds when to bill and keeps track of all outstanding balances. Here at the bottom of the page is the Storeroom of letters. It’s a whole library of financial letters all pre-filled with your client’s information. And here is the most important button on this page….the CREDIT DISPUTE WIZARD. This will be the first step you take for all your clients. Here in the wizard we have 3 choices: Order Credit Reports, Review Credit Reports and Correct errors. Lets choose #1 and order credit reports. You may not know this but you are eligible for free credit reports once a year from all 3 bureaus through the annual credit report service… Here we can order free reports by mail, free reports online, and If we’re not eligible for free reports, we can order paid reports here, And finally, we have a button that you can configure to order reports from your favorite provider. But for the sake of this demo, we’re going to choose A for Free annual reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion…we click next… and BOOM — here your letter, with all your clients information, all ready to sign and send …and it’s that easy! Now once you get the credit reports back, we move onto step #2…reviewing credit reports. We provide clear information on how to read credit reports and what kinds of errors to look for. Because a recent study showed nearly 79 percent of all credit reports contain errors. That means nearly 8 out of ten reports will improve immediately. So carefully go through reports and circle all the items to dispute. And then we move on to step #3. Disputing errors. This is where the real magic happens, because it’s so fast. Watch this clock to see how we create 3 credit dispute letters in less than one minute. First we type in report numbers for all 3 bureaus. Then we click Add New Dispute Item. We choose which bureau is reporting the item…here we choose a reason for the dispute. Lets say “status is incorrect for the following account. For creditor lets say Macy’s. Account number. Then we type a short explanation: I paid off and closed this acct 2 years ago. Please update! Then we click Add Item. And lets do it again! We add New Dispute Item. We choose the bureaus reporting the item, We select a reason…lets say, The following account was a bankruptcy charge off., Balance should be zero. For creditor lets say American Express. Account number. Explanation is easy. BK. Please update at zero. Then we click Add Item. We click next…and instantly, here is our Clients information, the 2 disputes… and we have just created 3 dispute letters in less than one minute….all ready to sign and send and it’s that easy. Now lets see some of the other areas of credit-aid pro. The top navigation bar takes you to the key features. Client Detail is a detailed look at the client whose acct you are logged into. Dispute wizard is your starting point for all clients. Organizer has an entire credit diary where you keep track of your actions, contacts, debts, expenses, and recommendations for your client. An assortment of Financial Calculators. Saved Letters. plus Reminders and Invoices. The Library is a collection of financial letters written by attorneys to cover any situation…and all you have to do is click on one. And there’s your letter, all ready to sign and send, and it’s that easy. Client profile is what you fill out when you start with a new client. When you are no longer working with this client, you choose inactive. Tips gives you a lot of information on how to maximize a credit score fast. Plus, we give you plenty of links to additional services and information. When you’re done working with a client, simply log out…and you’re right back where you started. With its speed and power, and all the extras we provide, it’s the most complete credit repair package in the world. It saves you time, generates revenue immediately…has no recurring fees, and makes credit repair as easy as clicking your mouse. Scroll this page for all the information you need. Download a free demo. Have questions? Call 1-800-247-1192 for a free consultation.



Credit karma mailing address Credit karma mailing address Credit karma mailing address Credit karma mailing address

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